Pill For Women Keeps Pee In

Lady Guard in pill for women controls urination.Lady Guard Holds It In

Women can delay the need to use a toilet by using Lady Guard, a new non-prescription medication from Kowa Company Ltd.

Lady Guard is the first over-the-counter medicine in Japan for alleviating frequent urination. The drug contains Flavoxate, which has been available by physician prescription in Japan since 1978. Kowa markets Lady Guard to women as convenient for long outings, travel, to enable longer concentration on work, and relief from frequent use of the toilet after going to bed.

Kowa says its surveys indicate women named increased frequency of micturition as a major factor of stress and lowers their quality of life. Kowa says constant worry can cause a hypersensitive bladder. Kowa also states that due to the rising number of elderly in Japan, the number of patients experiencing increased frequency of micturition will increase.

Lady Guard instructions: take one with water, three times a day. For ages 15 and older.Lady Guard pill for urination control in JapanLady Guard medication for micturition in Japan

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  1. freedomwv Says:

    Wow. Ladies holding it in even longer then they usually do. This cannot be healthy but I do see the advantages of it.

  2. Lets Japan » Pee Pad For Active Women Says:

    […] with Lady Guard, the piss prevention pill, ladies in Japan will be totally relieved of the need to pee while […]

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