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Name Occupation Employer in Crime News

press pass japaneseA suspect in a crime is identified by name, and employer or occupation, but other people arrested for similar crimes are called only “company employees”( whatever that means.)

In Japan, it seems the employer and occupation are revealed for anyone in a media-related occupation, who is caught driving while intoxicated, or peeping under skirts, or for similar crimes, while the employers of others (excluding celebrities or well-known figures) are not.

Nihon Shinbun Kyokai Canon of Journalism states in part:

Member newspapers should pay utmost respect to the dignity of human beings, put a high value on individuals’ honor and give serious consideration to their right to privacy.

Media outlets in Japan are quick to point out crimes allegedly committed by employees of competing media outlets.

In my opinion, the occupation or employer of people alleged to have committed a crime, should not be reported, unless there is a direct connection to the alleged crime, such as someone accused of embezzlement. In most cases, naming the employer or the occupation of a person who has allegedly committed a crime, is irrelevant.

Some examples for comparison (from English-language media)