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3D breasts popping up on gadget accessories; Big thumb swipe - personal parts popular in Japan


Handy tablet thumb stylus, pointy stick-on teeth and other gadgets and products that look like body parts help Japanese have a convenient and happy daily life.


mouse pad with 3D breasts thumb size finger stylus extender for tablets and smartphones

All thumbs not the same

A thumb-shaped slip-on stylus extender that provides more thumb and makes it easier for small hands to navigate the new big-screen smartphones and other devices is just the latest body part-inspired product made in Japan.

The prosthetic Yubi Nobiru thumb stylus is made by novelty goods maker Sanko and sells for JPY 1480. The finger debuted in May this year but has attracted attention now due to the debut of Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus which has a 5.5-inch screen.


Smartphone case breasts soft and squeezable

Silicone breasts on iPhone soft case in Japan Touch squeeze soft silicone breast on iPhone case in JapanSilicone ass and breast matching smart phone case from Japan

A phone case for the iPhone 5s which features a female manga image and her embossed breasts lets fans have a squeeze when they use their phones. One line of cases features a manga "maid", a "sister", a "childhood friend", and an "older next door neighbor." Other cases feature anime characters. The iPhone 5s bust case costs between JPY 1200 ~ JPY 3200.

Mousepad has bulging bosom hand wrest

AKB48 girl group in Japan unauthorized mouse pad with 3D breasts and group member likeness AKB 48 girl idols performers in Japan mousepad 3D breasts and group photoAnime manga idol panties and thighs mouse pad from Japan Manga girls crotch is 3D embossed mouse pad in Japan

Computer mousepads with 3D wrist wrests shaped like breasts, buttocks, and the inner thighs or the crotches of hentai characters are also available in Japan. Many of the weighty busts are attached to mousepad photos of popular gravure idols or anime and manga characters. A mousepad with boobs and pictures of some members of the popular girl group AKB48 sells for JPY 2400.

Crooked tooth from dentist or DIY kit in JapanGirls teeth in Japan look like vampire fangs

Vampire teeth desirable

Imperfect teeth are common in Japan and the so-called "Yaeba Look" (snaggletooth) on women is considered to be attractive and cute by some people. Women in Japan who have perfect teeth can have a dental procedure to obtain the pointy yaeba tooth appearance. A less expensive method of getting cute teeth is to buy a DIY kit that contains mold powder and a pair of "vampire teeth." The user makes a mold of the real tooth, then sets the fake tooth into the mold, trims the dry assembly, and slips the fake tooth over the real tooth in the mouth. The Magical Tooth yaeba-make kit costs about JPY 2500.


Rest head in lady’s lap

Pillow for men looks like mini skirt woman kneeling Men lay head in crotch of ladies lap cushion pillow in Japan

The Hizamakura Lap Pillow is a foam pillow that looks like the legs of a kneeling woman. The pillow’s waist and hips is attired in a miniskirt. The pillow is made by Trane Corp. and debuted in the early 2000s. The legs of the original Hizamakura had a smooth skin-like texture. The foam legs of the new version are covered in a softer material, and the pillow is available in small and large size laps. The miniskirt model costs about JPY 9000. Trane also sells a leggy lap pillow wearing a "sexy china dress" slit skirt for JPY 12800.


Internal components

Japanese artist Megumi Igarishi offers 3D printer plans of her vagina

Japanese artist Megumi Igarishi has posted data that can be used with a 3D printer to create a likeness of her genitals. The artist specializes in "vagina art" and is seeking support for her "mold pussy" full-size boat project.

Silicone breasts on full size body

It seems an entire polyurethane and plastic female body could be assembled from consumer goods sold at retail outlets in Japan.

But if a DIY female is too troublesome, a ready made sex toy "Dutch Wife" may be satisfactory. Oriental Industry makes realistic, life-size female dolls from high-quality silicone, which feature lifelike skin and realistic eyes, and options for breast-size, facial expression, hand pose, hair styles and "under hair" preferences. Fully loaded, the dolls can cost up to JPY 600,000. (sex doll photos)

Thumb video sanko
iPhone 5s case
Idol mousepad photo shoot
One Piece 3D bust mousepad unboxing  
Helpful shopping links:

Hizamakura Lap Pillow Japan Trend Shop; Wacky Otaku

Yaeba Look Magical Tooth Rakuten; Magical Tooth Japan Trend Shop

3D breast mousepads Amazon; Rakuten

iPhone tits and ass cases iPhone 5s Appbank Store; iPhone bust case (Amazon); iPhone bust case (Rakuten); iPhone buttocks case

Dutch Wife Orient doll; Arte Tokio

Fat gal marshmallow girls are chubby idols

Mizuki Tama large plus size marshmallow girl model in Japan La Farfa marshmallow girl model group A "chubby chubby boom" of popular fat female celebrities in Japan has led to the debut of Japan’s first fashion magazine for plus-sized women. The chubby lady models of La Farfa magazine are called "Marshmallow girls."


Chubbiness plus size marshmallow girl model group  in Japan Chubbiness fat female girl models in Japan

A new idol group of heavyset female models/spokespersons called "Chubbiness" has been assembled by CanCam woman’s magazine and Avex entertainment company. The average weight of the gals in the group is 55 kilograms (121 pounds.) Anyone who drops below 50 kilograms (120 pounds)  will be fired from the group.


Japanese dogu figurine looks like fat female model Dogu Japanese clay figure resembles Mizuki Tama large plus size marshmallow girl model in Japan

Big, sexy, female Japanese "gravure idols" have been nicknamed "Earthen (clay) figures" after the traditional Japanese "Dogu" clay figurines which have big-eyes, small waists and wide hips.

TV programs have reported on the chubby boom and one show compared plus-size model Mizuki Tama to a Dogu figure by painting her body in the likeness of the clay figurine.

Magazines and DVDs that feature scantily-clad fat women are also popular. 

Japanese Mizuki Tama adult video plus size marshmallow girl model Tama Mizuki sucks ramen adult video fat model in Japan Hana Seto Japanese gravure adult video fat model porn



Disaster cape for dogs has cushioned head hood

Suit protects dogs in Japan from earthquake and fire Disaster cape for dogs in Japan A company that makes fashions for dogs has created the "Patent DIsaster Cape" earthquake and fire protection suit for dogs. The silver flame-retardant outfit is padded on the top to protect the dog’s head and back from falling objects. The wind-resistant cape is trimmed with reflective piping and comes in a compact flame-resistant storage bag. Price: JPY 19,800


Disaster cloak protects dogs in Japan during earthquake or fire Disaster cape for dogs in Japan storage bag More photos

Handbag strap breast slash bosom books big seller

handbag strap breast slash Japan handbag strap across breasts in Japan handbag strap tits slash Japan fetish The shape of women’s breasts when their handbag strap is draped across their cleavage has become known as the "breast slash" (in Japanese "pai sura" or "pai slash.") Some women say the look resembles an alligator.


Photo collections of "oppai sura street women" have been published, there are blogs dedicated to the breast-handbag-strap-look, and porn DVDs that celebrate the breast swelling are on the market.


handbag strap breast slash Japan bag strap across tits is pai slash Japan handbag strap pai sura breast slash fashion Japan


The bosom-slash photo collection books are being put on the market one after another. A book of busty models featuring bag-strap-suppressed-boobs titled "Oppai Women" sold out in three months.


handbag strap swells breasts new fetish in Japan purse strap across breasts called oppai sura slash Japanese handbag tits cleavage across breast slashes Japanese women handbag strap breast slash Japan Fetish handbag strap on boobs slash Japanese photos Naver;  VV-magazine; Blog 1; Blog 2; Blog 3; Blog 4; Blog 5


photo collection book of handbag strap breast slash Japan handbag strap breast oppai slash porn dvd  Japan handbag strap across tits porn video Japanese

Loincloth underwear Fundoshi for women replaces panties

woman wearing fundoshi loincloth in JapanJapanese men wearing fundoshi loincloth at festival Store display mannequins wearing men's fundoshi loincloth in Japan
The traditional Japanese men’s underwear “fundoshi”, a loincloth made from a stretch of white cotton, and which reveals the buttocks, is making a comeback in other fabrics and with contemporary designs, and these fundoshi are gaining popularity with both men and women.

Traditional white fundoshi have been mostly worn by boys and men in Japan when participating in festivals and the Hadaka Matsuri (Naked Festival.)


The Japanese firm Wacoal, began selling fundoshi for women in late 2008.

The Japan Fundoshi Association was established in December 2011 to enhance people’s understanding and awareness of fundoshi. The association recommends that everyone over age 10 in Japan own at least 2 loincloths. The JFA also hopes to popularize February 14 as "Fundoshi Day.”

Trying on fundoshi on TV program in Japan How to wear Japanese fundoshi How to wear fundoshi in Japan How to wear men's Japanese loincloth fundoshi


A Japanese love life advisor known as “Love and Communication Instructor Olivia”, says that fundoshi for women will raise the quality of a woman’s love life.

In an article on the JFA website, she recommends wearing the loincloth only at night, for sleeping.

“Since there is no bundle of rubber around the groin area, blood circulation of the circumference of the pelvis is promoted and sensitivity to cold and resistance to edema are improved,” she says.

Olivia says that women will feel more vigor in their “lower half” in the morning, which will be attractive to men.

Olivia tested a loose one-piece loincloth fundoshi which wraps around the stomach and hips. She says it felt as if she were not wearing anything, breathability was good, and it was warm. The love life expert’s test loincloth was made of hemp, usually associated with the attire of Shinto priests. “Wrapping one’s private parts in the material used for divine work is a somewhat sacred feeling,” she says.

topless women naked festival japan
Fundoshi for ladies 
Fundoshi for men 
Fundoshi for men and women

photos: Mannequins; festivalTV program; anime how to wear; man sleeps

Prime Minister Reveals Funky Fashion Flair


Japan Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama met with 10 parents and their kids in an informal gathering to discuss the government’s child allowance payments, child care and other child rearing issues. The  80-minute meeting Feb. 14 was held at the Prime Minister’s residence, in a room dubbed the "Pigeon Cafe". The Japanese word "hato" means pigeon.

Hatoyama’s goodwill notwithstanding, Lets Japan was quite impressed by his choice of shirt.

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Booms Booming Fads Top 10

The top ten booms in Japan now.

Fashionable forest girl boom in Japan. Mascot boom in Tokai region of Japan.


Forest girl boom. Fashion inspired by Anne of Green Gables. For your fashion life in the forest.

Tokai region local government mascot character boom. More than 30 municipalities in Tokai have mascot characters.
Tomehane Suzuri High School Calligraphy Club NHK TV show in JapanTome ha ne Suzuri High School Calligraphy Club NHK TV show in Japan


Calligraphy boom
Influenced by "Tomehane Suzuri High School Calligraphy Club" TV show on NHK-TV. Click here to try NHK calligraphy.

Joggers enjoy running boom in Japan Japan is Eco Friendly with Green living Castles are popular attractions now in Japan.


Running boom
A survey by Sasakawa Sports Foundation indicates the number of runners who ran two times or more during the week increased from 2.15 million in 2006 (the previous survey year) to 2.48 million according to the 2008 survey.

Eco boom
Japanese follow the green theme, from carbon offset mindfulness, recycling clothes, and shorter showers, to eco-cars and eco-bags.

Castle boom
Influenced by "Taiga" historical stories TV series on NHK-TV.
Sakamoto Ryouma samurai ronin in Japan history Sakamoto Ryoma ronin in Japan


Sakamoto Ryouma boom
Includes TV programs, books, movies, tours, fairs, restaurant menus, and ramen. The ronin Sakamoto led movement to overthrow the Tokugawa shogunate during the Bakumatsu period.
Samurai armor on display (3)
History boom
Inspired by television quiz programs featuring questions about Japan history.

Quiet life boom
Leading a slower-paced, low-stress life. Volunteerism, continuing education, personal growth, cultural pursuits, and contribution to society. Also includes leaving big cities to start a farm in rural Japan. (related:  Slow food life.)


Fried chicken boom
Started in Oita and is now spreading across Japan. More chicken is consumed in Oita Prefecture than any other prefecture in Japan.

Fried chicken is specialty of Oita prefecture Japan

Fashionable Flu Filtering Face Masks From Japan

Stylish Masks Cool, Steam, and Fit Lips and Noses
High tech flu face mask in Japan Flu masks worldwide.

news item – Slowly but surely, swine flu continued to spread Friday, including to the ranks of the United States military, and across the globe the number of confirmed cases rose from 257 to 331, the World Health Organization in Geneva reported.(New York Times, May 1, 2009 )


Blue surgical-style face masks are being worn by millions around the world in an effort to prevent contracting the swine flu H1N1 virus. In Japan, masks are a common sight anytime people are suffering from a cold, hay fever or other allergies.
Plain blue flu mask. Styles of flu and virus masks in Japan.Japanese idol wears face mask to fight flu and allergies.
The world news reporting of the global swine flu situation indicates the wearing of masks in places other than hospitals is rather uncommon. Japanese have years of experience with mask-wearing, and we’ve gathered the best mask fashions. Choose from the nose-fit models, the form-fitting model with wire, the masks that won’t fog up your glasses, the designer masks, the menthol masks, the tea-filter masks, the masks that feel like a steam facial, and the masks that look like bra cups. Now you can fight the flu in style!
Flu face mask in Japan with cooling steam effect and Healon. Japanese nonstick hay fever face mask easy to peel off lipstick.Mask with nose pad and anti-fogging treatment for glasses wearers.Japanese mask fights flu with wet filter and comfortable nose cushion


Form fitting face mask in Japan Face mask with perfect fit on nose. Mask fight allergy and flu with special louvers. Omega-size wide pleats face mask for smaller faces, women in Japan



Teachers Promote Proper Schoolgirl Skirt Length Poster

Poster promotes longer skirt length at high school  in JapanPosters promoting longer skirt lengths in Niigata high schools are causing a controversy. A group of high school teachers who also act as guidance counselors made the posters and distributed them to all high schools in Niigata prefecture in December 2008. At the end of January, school principals started the "Proper dress all at once together campaign". Parents were sent a follow-up document about the dress-code campaign in February. The material asks parents to instruct their daughters about skirt lengths.

There are three posters (pictured):
"It’s undignified for women" (white); "You can smarten your mind and your skirts if you’re motivated" (pink); "Beautiful style - Why don’t you change your skirt length?" (yellow). 

Many schoolgirls object to the prohibition of short skirts. Some schoolgirls wear sweat pants underneath so they can continue to wear short skirts during winter.

Hiroshi Uchikawa, principal of Koshi High School in Niigata city, and head of the student guidance staff, said, "We’d like students to think (about the issue) through the posters, rather than ordering them to change (the length of their skirts). There are some moves to make skirts longer."

Teachers check skirt lengths at high school in Japan Some teachers at high schools in Japan keep watch for too-short skirts, and if a surprise inspection catches too much exposed thigh, students are told to immediately correct the situation. Sometimes skirt hemlines have been shortened by rolling up the waistband of a skirt. Schoolgirls can quickly oblige a request to lower the hemline. But once out of sight of inspectors, the gals often re-roll-up the waistband.

One TV news report determined the average school uniform skirt lengths in Japan. FNN news reported school uniform skirts come to an average of 13 centimeters above the knee. FNN said high school girl skirt hems in Niigata are 15-18 centimeters above the knee. According to FNN, the shortest school uniform skirts are worn in Niigata, Sendai, and Mito. Medium-length skirts prevail in Tokyo, Sapporo, Fukuoka and Okinawa. The longest are in Osaka, and Kobe.

Some high school students from Niigata on a school excursion to Okinawa received complaints about the length of their skirts from Okinawa locals. The students were told their short skirt length was "unpleasant." The average high school uniform hemline in Okinawa is 7.7 cm above the knee.

TV report about high school girl skirt length in Japan Hiroshi Uchikawa, head of Niigata City Taka-shi high school and chairman of the Niigata District Student Guidance Liaison Council Assembly, says he’s aware that girls change clothes on the way to and from school. "The child shortens it according to surroundings and changes into a long skirt at the station on the way to school. A station employee confirms that."

Lets Japan asked two Japanese ladies about skirt lengths, Yoko (age 27) and Keiko (33).

LJ: Do public and private elementary, junior high, and high schools have rules about length of girl’s skirts?
Yoko: Girls is not allowed to shorten their skirt…also.. too longer skirt is not ok.
Keiko: It depends on the schools. There are a lot schools which have the rules about "appearance" including uniforms, hair styles, nails, make-up, shoes, and so on. Some schools are very strict and they never allow the students to make it short. Other schools don’t say anything.

LJ: Who sets the skirt-length rules?
Keiko: I think individual schools set the rules on their own.Pupil's handbook issued by schools in Japan.

LJ: How do the students know the rules?
Keiko: Parents knew the rules because they needed to go to the school orientation meeting. Parents and students receive the document at the orientation. In my school days the rules were written in the student’s pocketbook.

LJ: What is a pocketbook?
Keiko: Pocketbook is a small notebook that students have. It’s combined with student ID in my school. Students receive it from the teacher on the first day of school.

LJ: What about in Japan’s history – the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s – surely students tried to wear short skirts then?
Keiko: I guess that teachers at that time had much more authority/power than they do now, and they didn’t permit students to wear the uniforms in untidy way. Or the ordinary students just didn’t have the idea to make the skirt short. Rogue students used to wear too-long skirts instead of too-short skirts when I was a kid.

LJ: Is the Niigata skirt poster the first time a poster was made about skirt lengths?
Keiko: I’ve never seen such a poster in my life before.

LJ: Why is the poster such big news?
Keiko: Because Mainichi and Asahi have such stupid editors. (I hate both of them.)
Hair length rules at high school in Japan.

Excerpts from some school rules, translated from Japanese:

Aomori prefectural Hachinohe east high school.
The summer uniform period is 6/1 - 9/30.
Boys attire: In the summer, a white shirt, school emblem, and the standard school uniform as specified by the school. In the winter, a stiff upper collar jacket and the standard school uniform as specified by the school.
Girls attire: In the summer, the standard school uniform as specified by the school, and white socks. In the winter, the standard school uniform as specified by the school, and black stockings. 

Boys: Does not hang to the collar.
Girls: Hair that reaches the shoulder must be tied. Dyed hair and perms are prohibited.

Shoes: Girls and boys - black or brown is preferred.
Coat: Wearing a gaudy coat is not allowed.
Part-time job: Allowed only when it is unavoidable. It is permitted under economic circumstances.

Tokai Takanawadai Junior High School (Tokyo).
Unisex standard: Necktie (ribbon); Necktie (ribbon), blazer. The blazer need not be worn in the school. Sweater and long-sleeved shirts can be worn depending on the season. When the school ceremonies specifies it, full dress is worn.

Girl standard: The socks color and shape are specified. However, when full dress is worn, specified goods are worn. (Both navy blue high socks in the winter and summer.) The height of the skirt hangs to the kneecap.
Boy standard: white socks.

Both: Shoes are assumed to be black leather.

Boys: Does not hang to hang to the ear or the collar.
Girls: Bangs no longer than the eyebrow. When hair reaches shoulder length, please tie it up with a rubber accessory or get a haircut. Hair accessories limited to brown, navy, blue, or made of stainless steel. No glitter or highlights. Heavy makeup is prohibited. 
Prohibited for both: perms, dyed hair, and the fashion hair style, etc. Persons with peculiar hair that is not natural should correct the style.
School uniform in Japan 1965School uniform in Japan 1969School uniform in Japan 1969

School uniform in Japan 1975
School uniform in Japan 1975

School uniform in Japan 1993

School uniform in Japan 1997School uniform in Japan 2007Sites selling school uniforms: Nishiki; Gyakushi; Konomi; Noguchi.

photos: TV split screen; pink postergreen pocketbook; hair length1965; 1969 boys; 1969 girl; 1975 girls; 1975 boys; 1993; circa 1997; 2007.

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Obama Tee Shirts Japan: Yes We Can

Nozomu Sato Nocchi impersonates Obama in Japan President Obama t-shirts on sale in Japan November 2008.

 More Barack Obama tee shirts available from ClubT, a design-your-own tee shirt and goods website in Japan.

Barack Obama Yes We Can t-shirt in JapanYes We Can Obama tee shirt Japanese

Obama town in Japan Barack tee shirtObama city  Japan residents watch US presidential electionMcCain tee shirt in Japan

 Obama City, Japan: website; news and photo. Obama impersonator.  Also see Obama Instant Tee Shirts.