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MAD Says Hai

Lets Japan is a fan of MAD magazine, America’s longest-running humor magazine. MAD often jokes about Japan, because, you know, Japan is a funny place. The satire and parody magazine doesn’t publish a Japanese edtion. MAD doesn’t even know about Lets Japan. So don’t tell MAD. Now, here’s another in our continuing Japan in MAD series…

MAD magazine comic art about Japan October 2008
excerpt from "Up -and-Coming Mixed Martial Arts Fighters", MAD magazine number #494 Oct. 2008

MAD Loves Japanese Vocabulary

MAD magazine cartoonparody uses Japanese words

MAD magazine uses a lot of Japanese words in it’s satire. In MAD issue 492 (August 2008) there is a parody of product advertising by US electronics retailer Circuit City, titled "Sucker City". The spoof  illustration includes the Japanese TV brands "Shiitake" and "Hibachi". related: MAD Magazine Hurts

MAD Magazine Hurts

"Sports Injuries Around the World" MAD Magazine #490, June 2008 MAD magazine Sanrio Kitties

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