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Weather girls go watch guerilla thunderstorms

The Worlds Largest Weather Geek Community A TV weather channel in Japan has added staff "Guerilla Thunderstorm Girls" to its volunteer force of citizens who report weather conditions around the country.

A "guerilla storm" refers to a severe thunderstorm which occurs with little warning – and is hard for forecasters to predict – and which has the potential for heavy downpours, high winds and tornadoes.

Weathernews has utilized volunteers nationwide to monitor the weather and developing thunderstorms since 2008. The 50,000 "Guerilla Thunderstorm Guards" use the "Guerilla Thunderstorm Defender" smartphone app to report conditions and send images and video of cloud formations and rainfall to Weathernews, which displays the reports online and in broadcasts. Viewers can also register to receive special weather alert emails on their phones.

Weathernews is able to direct volunteers to storm areas up to 30-minutes in advance of possible guerilla downpours.

The channel has now introduced a special team of Guerilla Thunderstorm Girls – some of the weather report anchors – who are sent out to observe the clouds where there is a possibility of a guerrilla thunderstorm.

The team is outfitted with ponchos imprinted with the slogan "The World [sic] Largest Weather Geek Community."


Weathernews channel Guerilla Thunderstorm Gals have nice ponchos Weathernews channel Guerilla Thunderstorm Gals party


Top 10 at-work pranks that get employees fired in Japan

Summer wave of "part-timer terror"

Part-time workers at convenience stores and fast-food outlets in Japan have been pulling stunts at work and posting photos of their pranks on twitter, Facebook and blogs. Embarrassed companies are issuing apologies and closing shops to clean up equipment and restock shelves tainted by the so called  "baito tero" – "part-timer terrorists."

Most of the prank pics have ended up on twitter which is being referred to by some as the "idiot detector".

The pictures of pranks that occurred in August prompted web searches for previous posts of employee’s at-work pranks. The earliest post – found so far – occurred in March.

The outbreak of stupid acts seems to have coincided with the high school vacations, when students are able to work more hours. Spring break is at the end of March, and the summer break began at the end of July and ended September 1.

Part timer puts cabbage leaf on face at ramen restaurant in Japan March 26

A male and a female part-time employee at a branch of the Shirokiya pub chain posted pictures of themselves playing with cabbage in the kitchen of one of the restaurants. One photo shows them with cabbage on their heads. In another picture, the male perp wears a face mask cabbage leaf, with eye holes and mouth cutouts, and he’s smoking. The photos surfaced September 2.


Part-time employee at convenience store in Japan sleeps in ice cream case July 15

The son of a Lawson convenience store franchisee – and part-time employee at dad’s store – climbed into the store’s ice cream case, lay down, closed the glass doors, took some selfies, and posted the photos on Facebook. Lawson headquarters learned of the photos the same day, immediately cancelled the Kochi City outlet’s franchise agreement, and shuttered the shop.

The part-timer said he was too hot – Japan is experiencing record high temperatures – and he would just cool off in the fridge. Lawson posted an apology on its website.


Part-time employee at convenience store in Japan scans crotch with bar code reader at cash register July 19

A male employee at an outlet of the Ministop convenience store chain had a photo taken of him perched on the cash register counter facing customers, leaning back, legs spread, holding the bar code reader on his crotch, and posted the image on twitter.

Ministop discharged the employee and cleaned and disinfected the register, counter, and bar code reader. Ministop explained it’s actions in an apology on it’s website.


Part-time employee at a Burger King in Japan sleeps on buns in kitchen August 2

Burger King, which returned to Japan in 2007 after withdrawing from a previous effort in Japan in 2001, fired a part-timer who took photos of himself lying on a pile of packaged hamburger buns in the outlet’s kitchen. The part-timer had posted the pictures on twitter on June 24. Burger King Japan apologized on its website, and said all the buns in the outlet were thrown out.


Part-time employee at a fast-food take out restaurant in Japan poses inside refrigerator August 3

The fridge was the target of another part-time employee, this one at an outlet of the lunch box take out chain Hotto Motto. The employee of an Aichi Prefecture outlet posed for pictures while scrunched on a shelf in the outlet’s refrigerator. The photos were put on twitter, headquarters found out, and an apology was posted on the company website. The employee was immediately fired for "performing an unsuitable act in the store." The refrigerator was disinfected on the same day.



Real life in Tokyo following Fukushima and the earthquake

Pedestrians in Tokyo, Japan March 25, 2011Shoppers in Tokyo, March 25, 2011


We’ve been having some troubles here in Japan.  Maybe you’ve heard. I’ve written some articles about the earthquake and the coverage of the tsunami and the Fukushima nuclear reactors. You can read my reports here:

March 25, 2011
Op-Ed: Tokyo OK, foreign media’s sensational coverage shameful

March 16, 2011
US govt recommends 80 Km Fukushima evac zone; currently 30km

March 15, 2011
US agrees with reactor response ambassador in Tokyo says

March 15, 2011
Higher than normal radiation detected along Japan Pacific coast

March 14, 2011
Shielding possibly damaged by explosion at Fukushima No.2 Tuesday

March 14, 2011
Op-Ed: The earthquake aftermath in Tokyo

March 13, 2011
Rolling Blackouts Begin Monday in Tokyo

March 12, 2011
How I survived the Japanese earthquake

McDonald’s Celebrates 3th and Counting

Mcdonald's Japan 3th anniversary coupon


McDonald’s discount coupons from outlet in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo. This seems to be the standard coupon issued for McDonald’s outlets celebrating their third year of doing business.

Mcdonald's Japan 3rd anniversary coupon Mcdonald's Japan third anniversary poster misspelled

More 3th in Japan: dancers; fish; dog; the dentisthair; kitchening. And from Korea.

Counting ordinal numbers in Japan

Apple iPod 4rd generation One Outs

Theater TV 2rd 3nd schedule Japan logitech specs ipod record 3nd generation

Tsutaya video Major America 4rd 4th inningOther unique ordinal numbers available in Japan:
Sports & Life-Style
Pro wrestling
Delivery health
Tee shirt
University map

Tokyo Stock Exchange
Tohoku University
Bicycle racers
University map




Help: Ordinal symbolsOrdinal list
photos: English monthiy; Theater TV; Ipod recorder; One outs; Risa Niigaki;  Golf; Apple Japan 4rd; Tsutaya

Bows Obama Did Not Do in Japan

Correct way to bow in JapanUS president Barack Obama boows in Japan.


The bow that US President Barack Obama made to Japan’s Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko in Tokyo Nov. 14, 2009 has been criticized by some US media pundits and news outlets. In the US the Obama bow debate has focused on whether the form of the bow was correct, if Obama should have only shaken hands instead of bowing, and the implication of the bow. In Japan, the bow was not critiqued in the media. The reports from abroad have become more interesting to Japanese media than the Obama bow itself.

The Obama bow-handshake combo, though not especially elegant, was appropriate given the situation and the hand-thrust maneuver presented by Emperor Akihito.

The US media has mostly taken only a superficial look at bowing in Japan. While reporting on Obama’s alleged bowing gaffes, the media has overlooked the tremendous number of bowing options available in Japan. President Obama could have selected from several bow versions. Here is the Lets Japan Guide to Bow.

The Ten Bows Obama Did Not Do
Obama bow deep and formal to Japan to Japanese Emperor Obama meets Emperor and empress in Tokyo with deep bow Obama's Japan bowing technique in Japan Angle of Obama Japan bow to Emperor criticized President Barack Obama greets Emperor of Japan with bow President Barack Obama greets Emperor of Japan with bow Obama's bow to Emperor of Japan US President Obama bowed to Emperor in Tokyo President Obama makes a bow to  Emperor of Japan Obama bows to Japanese Emperor and Empress
Taking bowing lessons inJapan.


Degrees and angles of bowing in Japan Guide to how to bow etiquette in Japan  photos Degrees man; womanWhite shirt.


Digital TV Deer Arrested Naked in Tokyo Park

Mascot detained hours after replacing disgraced SMAP singer
Chi-Dejika deer mascot mug shot after arrest in Tokyo for public indecency.NAB Mascot Chi-Dejika in Japan


The character that replaced SMAP singer Tsuyoshi Kusanagi in a government-related ad campaign has been arrested after being found prancing naked, drunk, and eating grass in a Tokyo park.

The deer mascot "Chi-Dejika" is the official spokes-character for Japan’s National Association of Commercial Broadcasters PR campaign about the ongoing national switchover from analog to digital TV broadcasting. Chi-Dejika took over PR duties from Kusanagi on April 28. Kusanagi was arrested in Hinokicho Park in Tokyo in the early hours of April 24. Kusanagi, who was naked, drunk and shouting, also resisted arrest, police say.

Chi-Dejika deer mascot is placed in police car in Tokyo. Police say they were called to Hinokicho Park at around 3 a.m. April 28 and they observed Chi-Dejika inebriated, nude, stomping and snorting. Police attemped to throw green netting over the deer, but the animal bucked and tangled the net. A SWAT team was requested, and the deer was bundled into the armored SWAT van.

Chi Dekija is in police custody and is being questioned. Police raided the animal’s thicket but would not reveal what was found. The deer’s attorney says Chi Dekija was enjoying the park in a manner suitable for deer. The attorney objects to the mascot’s arrest and rough treatment. "The police are not treating this deer like other similar cases. I think the police are angry because Chi-Dejika regurgitated in the SWAT vehicle," the attorney said.

Kusanagi was released on April 25 and made a public apology. Numerous TV commercials featuring Kusanagi were pulled off the air. The weekly SMAP SMAP TV program on April 27 aired a "best of SMAP" edition that did not include Kusanagi. The singer was also editied out of other pre-recorded talk and variety programs in which he usually appears.
SMAP singer Tsuyoshi KusanagiTBS-TV Japan mascot Boo-Boo chan.Fuji-TV Japandog  mascot Ruf-chanNHK TV Japan mascot Domo-Kun.


Reaction to Chi-Dejika’s arrest from other broadcast mascots came quickly. TBS-TV mascot Boo Boo-chan said Chi-Dejika should apologize. "It’s shameful to be naked in the park. He was drunk too. It’s disgraceful. That’s all I have to say. Excuse me, may I pee here?" Fuji-TV mascot Ruf-chan" said "What’s wrong with being naked? I’m not wearing pants right now." Domo-kun, mascot at public broadcaster NHK-TV expressed regret. "Dejika-chan was one of the finest mascots. He was the inspiration for Sento-kun. Lately he hasn’t been able to find work and perhaps was drinking too much." Kusanagi has not commented on the arrest of Chi-Dejika.

Top 10 reasons SMAP’s Tsuyoshi Kusanagi Naked In Park

Singer Tsuyoshi Kusanagi of SMAP arrested drunk and nude in downtown Tokyo park

Top 10 reasons SMAP’s Tsuyoshi Kusanagi Naked In Park

Tsuyoshi Kusanagi of SMAP in a park? 10. Hinokicho park looks like onsen.

9. Need cops’ blue plastic tarpaulin to save space for hanami viewing party.

8. Washing machine broken, wash jeans in creek.

7. Celebrate contract for 1,693rd TV commercial.

6. Romp in birthday suit in honor of Emperor Hirohito’s birthday holiday Showa Day – one week too early.

5. Visualize concept for new Japanese game show: "What’s wrong with being naked?"

4. Mark 6 month anniversary of Naked British Tourist in Japan Emperor’s Palace Moat.

3. Make special blue ray video for SMAP’s Shingo Katori.

2. Finally reveal he is the "A" in SMAP: "Ass"

1. Test his digital antenna.



SMAP pop singer group in Japan SMAP Tsuyoshi Japan government analog digitalTV campaign

rumors: SMAP=
• See My Ass and Penis
• Stupid Man Arrested in Park
• Star Moons At Passers-by
• Shout Much As Possible
• Songs Mostly About Parks
• Strut Myself After Plastered.

Love Hotels Sponsor Hard Gay’s Late Late Show

Razor Ramon’s secret TV show 1 year anniversary
Konya mo hustle Hard Gay Japan TV show.Razor Ramon HG Hard Gay


The entertainer known as "Hard Gay", who dominated the TV airwaves in 2005 and 2006 then dropped off the popular-TV-talent lists has been hiding out on a late-night sex-talk TV program since April 2008. In this reincarnation, the comedian and pro wrestler still wears his Village People-inspired biker costume but has retired the Hard Gay moniker and now goes by his real name Masaki Sumitani on the TV program "Konya mo Hasuru" (literal: Tonite the hustle again). The phrase "Konya mo hasuru" can mean "recently I got a girlfriend", or colloquially "a lot of sex."

Yinling of Joy Toy on Hard Gay TV programSumitani shares hosting duties with Yinling of Joytoy. (No, he is not actually gay. Yes, he has performed stereotypical depictions of gay men. No, she is not Japanese – she is from Taiwan. Yes, she has idol videos and photo books for sale.)

The hour-long "A Lot of Sex" show is broadcast at various times in early Saturday or Sunday mornings on several channels in Japan.

One segment of the program features a different adult video actress actress each week. She sits on a bed in a love hotel that is a sponsor of the program. The talent is interviewed about sex and her skills. Video clips of her scenes are shown – inappropriate parts are obscured.

Lets Japan likes Konya mo Hasuru because it might signal the return of partially naked women on terrestrial broadcast stations. We yearn for the days of programs such as Gil Gamesh Night, and Tonight 2 which featured the former porn actress and author the late Ai iijima.
Konya Mo Hustle Japanese AV idol demonstratesKonya Mo Hustle Hard Gay Tv show Japanese AV model poses for photographerKonya Mo Hustle Japanese AV actress strips inlove hotel


Bikini girls host Konya Mo haseru with Hard Gay Bikini girl hosts of Konya Mo Hustle photos from blog Scantily clad girls host Konya Mo haseru Hustle with Hard Gay on Japanese TV

timetable: Saturday 1:00 a.m. Chiba TV; Saturday 2:00 a.m. TV Saitama); Sunday 3:05 a.m. TVK Ch. 42 (Tokyo-Yokohama); Sunday 1:25 a.m. KBS (Kyoto); Sunday 2:25 a.m. TVN (Nara).

related: Yinling of Joytoy in the shower video. Yinling photos. Hard Gay views cherry blossoms video. Konya mo Hasuru official offshot photos. Gilgamesh Night maid-no pan game photos. Sex slang. Love hotel search: Fuugle; Fuzok Walker.

Gilgamesh Night program

Gilgamesh Night no panty maid costume musical chairs game.
Tonight 2 program

Shibuya Monkey Has Internet Café Home Address

Tokyo Shibuya macaque monkey enters internet cafe.


The Shibuya monkey is living in an internet café. These images and a video clip from a cell phone camera were sent anonymously to Lets Japan. These photos show the monkey entering a cyber café.

The story of the Tokyo Shibuya monkey began August 20, 2008, when the unaccompanied Japanese macaque monkey ran wild in Shibuya train station during morning rush hour. Surprised commuters gaped at the ape as it led dozens of cops and reporters on a chase through the station, then raced outside and outran its pursuers.

The monkey has been seen several times in different areas of Tokyo. In early November 2008, TV newscasters were wondering if more than one monkey was roaming the city.

The January glimpse of the monkey in front of the net café is the first report of the mini-macaque in 2009. It has also been learned the monkey - nicknamed Makawaii by the media - is using the popular internet social messaging service Twitter. We have been following the monkey’s writings for several days. According to its Twitter posts, the monkey is out searching for food and sightseeing during the day and returns to its rented PC-and-sleep-space at night. Makawaii also seems to watch a lot of Japanese television and often plays online games. The ape displays an odd sense of humor, and may be slightly crazy.

Tokyo police continue to search for the monkey. Now the cops can also follow Macawaii on Twitter. related: Cyber cafe offers home to homeless

Earthquake Warnings via PC Pop-up or Dedicated Device

NTT early earthquake warning home receiver in Japan


Earthquake warnings pop up on computer screens in Japan for subscribers to the Urgent Earthquake Bulletin service from NTT telecommunications company.

When a quake alert is issued by the Japan Meteorological Agency, the NTT service will automatically open an alert window on a personal computer screen. An alarm sounds, and the warning window displays the estimated seismic intensity and counts down to the estimated arrival time.

NTT early earthquake warning home receiver specs in JapanNTT is also selling a standalone earthquake warning device called the Urgent Earthquake News Flash FLET’S Type. Flashing LED lights and an audible alarm indicate a quake warning and the quake arrival time and a countdown are announced. External warning lights can be connected to the device. FLET’S is an NTT brand of high-speed ADSL and fiber optic services.

NTT says the FLET’S quake warning service offers more precise data and details than the information that is offered in warnings on TV and in optional services that send email quake alerts to cell phones. 

A fixed-line cordless phone from Sanyo also automatically receives and loudly announces the JMA warnings. The system utilizes a standard telephone line and an included Local Area Network wireless terminal. The 1.7-inch liquid crystal display backlight on the phone handset displays a red warning, a light on the handset blinks, and the wireless LAN terminal lamp flashes red. The phone lamp also acts as a flashlight. (Read more : Phones Ring Earthquake Warnings)

An earthquake tremor occurs in Japan at least every five minutes, and annually there are up to 2000 quakes that can be felt by people.

The Urgent Earthquake Bulletin service costs JPY 525 per month. NTT sells the Urgent Earthquake News Flash FLET’S Type receiver for JPY 9,500. The monthly NTT maintenance charge is JPY 147. The unit uses an AC power source adapter. related: Getting ready for an earthquake in Tokyo; Earthquake Early Warnings.