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What I miss about Japan is what I lost in Japan already. It used to be the basis of Japan that elder people give a favour and take care of younger and vice versa, but not any more. That’s why I left Japan. I myself may be an old type of Japanese, though I am finding much of such a between the lines here in the Philippines. Still I am seriously thinking about making my sister move settle in this country, because she is the only my family in Japan and over 40 still single.Tetsuya Endo

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Of course I want the Japanese rice. It is difficult to buy where I am living now for my work in America. I miss unagi eels. No restoran makes here! Maybe I can buy at sometimes at import shop. So you can send me tare! Taka, in Arkansas USA.

I miss the politeness of the Japanese people, their humility and general respect for one another. Also the safety, not having to worry about being streetwise and seeing people in cafes being able to leave their mobile
phones and wallets on tables without worrying about getting them stolen. My wife, being Japanese, misses speaking her own language. SM, Haslemere, Surrey, UK