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Fat gal marshmallow girls are chubby idols

Mizuki Tama large plus size marshmallow girl model in Japan La Farfa marshmallow girl model group A "chubby chubby boom" of popular fat female celebrities in Japan has led to the debut of Japan’s first fashion magazine for plus-sized women. The chubby lady models of La Farfa magazine are called "Marshmallow girls."


Chubbiness plus size marshmallow girl model group  in Japan Chubbiness fat female girl models in Japan

A new idol group of heavyset female models/spokespersons called "Chubbiness" has been assembled by CanCam woman’s magazine and Avex entertainment company. The average weight of the gals in the group is 55 kilograms (121 pounds.) Anyone who drops below 50 kilograms (120 pounds)  will be fired from the group.


Japanese dogu figurine looks like fat female model Dogu Japanese clay figure resembles Mizuki Tama large plus size marshmallow girl model in Japan

Big, sexy, female Japanese "gravure idols" have been nicknamed "Earthen (clay) figures" after the traditional Japanese "Dogu" clay figurines which have big-eyes, small waists and wide hips.

TV programs have reported on the chubby boom and one show compared plus-size model Mizuki Tama to a Dogu figure by painting her body in the likeness of the clay figurine.

Magazines and DVDs that feature scantily-clad fat women are also popular. 

Japanese Mizuki Tama adult video plus size marshmallow girl model Tama Mizuki sucks ramen adult video fat model in Japan Hana Seto Japanese gravure adult video fat model porn



Real life in Tokyo following Fukushima and the earthquake

Pedestrians in Tokyo, Japan March 25, 2011Shoppers in Tokyo, March 25, 2011


We’ve been having some troubles here in Japan.  Maybe you’ve heard. I’ve written some articles about the earthquake and the coverage of the tsunami and the Fukushima nuclear reactors. You can read my reports here:

March 25, 2011
Op-Ed: Tokyo OK, foreign media’s sensational coverage shameful

March 16, 2011
US govt recommends 80 Km Fukushima evac zone; currently 30km

March 15, 2011
US agrees with reactor response ambassador in Tokyo says

March 15, 2011
Higher than normal radiation detected along Japan Pacific coast

March 14, 2011
Shielding possibly damaged by explosion at Fukushima No.2 Tuesday

March 14, 2011
Op-Ed: The earthquake aftermath in Tokyo

March 13, 2011
Rolling Blackouts Begin Monday in Tokyo

March 12, 2011
How I survived the Japanese earthquake

Princesses and Anxiety at Home and School

Crown Princess Aiko Japanese Princess Aiko, 8, attended elementary school again March 8, the first time since she stopped going to school March 2 after complaining of being bullied by some boys at school. Princess Aiko is in the second grade at Gakushuin Primary School in Tokyo. Princess Aiko is the only child of Crown Prince Naruhito and Crown Princess Masako.

Princess Aiko has complained of an upset stomach and has showed deep anxiety since March 2.

The Imperial Household Agency said that Princess Aiko and several other students had been "treated harshly" by boys in another class. A school official said the incident may have been a misunderstanding.

Crown Princess Aiko attends Gakushuin Primary School Crown Princess Aiko with parents

 "She had decided to leave school, and just as she had returned from changing into her normal shoes from her school shoes, I hear it was two boys that approached very suddenly and nearly collided with her, which scared her," school director Motomasa Higashisono told reporters.

Crown Princess Masako accompanied Princess Aiko to the school to attend the fourth period of morning classes. They then left the school together.

Japan's Princess Masako, January 2010

The outing was a rare public appearance for Crown Princess Masako, 46, who was diagnosed with an adjustment disorder in July 2004. Her condition is attributed to the difficulties of adjusting to palace life and the pressure to bear a son. Crown Princess Masako hasn’t attended most official duties for several years.

Doctors monitoring the health of Crown Princess Masako said March 5 her condition has vastly improved but she needs more time to reach a level that will allow her to expand the scope of her official duties.

Princess Masako "has gotten better and is now in a state incomparable to" five and a half years ago when she started to receive treatment, the doctors said in a statement issued through the IHA.

"However, considering her long battle with the illness and the stress she has been under, it will take more time for her to expand the scope of her activities," the statement said, noting that she "has made surprisingly great efforts" to overcome the illness.

Japan's Princess Masako and husband Crown Prince Naruhito, January 2010

In the statement, the doctors noted that the support of people close to her, especially members of her family, has played a key role in helping her to recover. "Watching Princess Aiko growing up and her increasing exchanges with her friends is a joy as well as a remedy for the crown princess," it said.

The doctors mentioned the crown princess’ presence last year at events commemorating the 20th anniversary of Emperor Akihito’s ascension to the throne as well as at a ceremony last month to mark the 15th anniversary of the Great Hanshin Earthquake.

The visit to Kobe for the quake memorial ceremony was her first official trip outside Tokyo involving an overnight stay since January 2008.

The statement warned, however, that high expectations for more public appearances could hamper her recovery.

"Although expectations for her to perform more official duties are expected to grow as her recovery progresses, it is necessary to consider the workload that she would shoulder so that it would not impose a heavy burden," the doctors said.

Japan's Princess Masako, Crown Prince Naruhito, Aiko, and pet dog, official photo

Some medical experts outside of the imperial family are skeptical about the prospects for a full recovery being achieved quickly.

"Although the cause of her stress is not clearly shown in the report, I assume there may be a gap between the feelings of Crown Princess Masako, who is longing to live the way she wants to, and the Imperial Household Agency, which tends to put things in a mold," said Masaaki Noda, a professor at Kwansei Gakuin University. "It looks like her illness could last longer judging from the doctors’ opinions," he said.

(Above compiled from news reports)

Princess Masako’s condition could have an influence on her daughter. 

The reports about Princess Aiko’s experience at school seem to indicate nothing more than normal, temporary fears.

However, studies suggest that children or adolescents are more likely to have an anxiety disorder if they have a parent with anxiety disorder.

Prime Minister Reveals Funky Fashion Flair


Japan Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama met with 10 parents and their kids in an informal gathering to discuss the government’s child allowance payments, child care and other child rearing issues. The  80-minute meeting Feb. 14 was held at the Prime Minister’s residence, in a room dubbed the "Pigeon Cafe". The Japanese word "hato" means pigeon.

Hatoyama’s goodwill notwithstanding, Lets Japan was quite impressed by his choice of shirt.

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Bows Obama Did Not Do in Japan

Correct way to bow in JapanUS president Barack Obama boows in Japan.


The bow that US President Barack Obama made to Japan’s Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko in Tokyo Nov. 14, 2009 has been criticized by some US media pundits and news outlets. In the US the Obama bow debate has focused on whether the form of the bow was correct, if Obama should have only shaken hands instead of bowing, and the implication of the bow. In Japan, the bow was not critiqued in the media. The reports from abroad have become more interesting to Japanese media than the Obama bow itself.

The Obama bow-handshake combo, though not especially elegant, was appropriate given the situation and the hand-thrust maneuver presented by Emperor Akihito.

The US media has mostly taken only a superficial look at bowing in Japan. While reporting on Obama’s alleged bowing gaffes, the media has overlooked the tremendous number of bowing options available in Japan. President Obama could have selected from several bow versions. Here is the Lets Japan Guide to Bow.

The Ten Bows Obama Did Not Do
Obama bow deep and formal to Japan to Japanese Emperor Obama meets Emperor and empress in Tokyo with deep bow Obama's Japan bowing technique in Japan Angle of Obama Japan bow to Emperor criticized President Barack Obama greets Emperor of Japan with bow President Barack Obama greets Emperor of Japan with bow Obama's bow to Emperor of Japan US President Obama bowed to Emperor in Tokyo President Obama makes a bow to  Emperor of Japan Obama bows to Japanese Emperor and Empress
Taking bowing lessons inJapan.


Degrees and angles of bowing in Japan Guide to how to bow etiquette in Japan  photos Degrees man; womanWhite shirt.


SMAP’s Nude Tsuyoshi Police Questioning Leaked

Sexy police squad makes singer squeal Tsuyoshi questioned by mini skirt police for public indecency in Japan

 (April 24, 2009) - A Japanese pop singer who was arrested for public indecency after being found drunk and naked in a Tokyo park has apologised for his "shameful" conduct.
"I drank a lot and did not know what I was doing," Tsuyoshi Kusanagi said on Friday after being released by police."I deeply apologise to fans for causing so much trouble and worry," he added.
Kusanagi, 34, shot to fame as a member of 1980s boy band SMAP. He has not been charged for the incident, which took place in the early hours of Thursday. At the time of his arrest, Kusanagi was allegedly sitting on the grass, undressed and heavily intoxicated. (BBC)

Transcript of Tsuyoshi Kusanagi interrogation, April 23, 2009

Police 1: What is your name?
Tsuyoshi: (unintelligble)
Police 2: It is Tsuyoshi Kusanagi desu ne?
Tsu: Su-ma.. Ssmpu.. tsu yoda (unintelligible)
Police 3: Why were you in the park at 3 a.m.?
Tsu: Park?
Pol 2: Why were you in the park at 3 a.m.!
Tsu: Which park?
Pol 1: Hinokicho Park!
Tsu: He is famous Korean actor? Hah?
Pol 2: Why were you naked?
Tsu: Drunk… (unintelligible)
Pol 1: Where do you live?
Pol 2: What is you address?
Pol 3: What is your mother’s maiden name?
Tsu: Cabagin onegaishimasu.
Pol 1: You will tell us!
Pol 2: We can make you talk!
(SMAP’s 2003 hit song Sekai ni hitotsu dake no hana" is heard.)
Tsu: No! No!
Pol 1: What did you drink before going to the park?
Pol 2: Where did you drink?
Pol 3: With whom?
Tsu: Sake! Beer! Shochuuuu! Yokoso! (weeps)
Pol: You are being charged with infractions 110-A-Section 2 (i)(v) "Resisting arrest while nude" and 119-B-Section 7(ii)(d) "Theft of police property."
Tsu: Eh?
Pol: You took our blue tarpaulin!
Tsu: I was cold.
Pol 1: How much did you drink?
Pol 2: How long where you naked?
Tsu: Long…?
Pol 3: Turn up the music! (music volume increases)
Tsu: Stop! Help help!
Pol 1: Ahahahaha!
Pol 2: Now what do you have to say?
Tsu: Change your TV to digital before April 2011!

–End of transcript–

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Top 10 reasons SMAP’s Tsuyoshi Kusanagi Naked In Park

Singer Tsuyoshi Kusanagi of SMAP arrested drunk and nude in downtown Tokyo park

Top 10 reasons SMAP’s Tsuyoshi Kusanagi Naked In Park

Tsuyoshi Kusanagi of SMAP in a park? 10. Hinokicho park looks like onsen.

9. Need cops’ blue plastic tarpaulin to save space for hanami viewing party.

8. Washing machine broken, wash jeans in creek.

7. Celebrate contract for 1,693rd TV commercial.

6. Romp in birthday suit in honor of Emperor Hirohito’s birthday holiday Showa Day – one week too early.

5. Visualize concept for new Japanese game show: "What’s wrong with being naked?"

4. Mark 6 month anniversary of Naked British Tourist in Japan Emperor’s Palace Moat.

3. Make special blue ray video for SMAP’s Shingo Katori.

2. Finally reveal he is the "A" in SMAP: "Ass"

1. Test his digital antenna.



SMAP pop singer group in Japan SMAP Tsuyoshi Japan government analog digitalTV campaign

rumors: SMAP=
• See My Ass and Penis
• Stupid Man Arrested in Park
• Star Moons At Passers-by
• Shout Much As Possible
• Songs Mostly About Parks
• Strut Myself After Plastered.

Love Hotels Sponsor Hard Gay’s Late Late Show

Razor Ramon’s secret TV show 1 year anniversary
Konya mo hustle Hard Gay Japan TV show.Razor Ramon HG Hard Gay


The entertainer known as "Hard Gay", who dominated the TV airwaves in 2005 and 2006 then dropped off the popular-TV-talent lists has been hiding out on a late-night sex-talk TV program since April 2008. In this reincarnation, the comedian and pro wrestler still wears his Village People-inspired biker costume but has retired the Hard Gay moniker and now goes by his real name Masaki Sumitani on the TV program "Konya mo Hasuru" (literal: Tonite the hustle again). The phrase "Konya mo hasuru" can mean "recently I got a girlfriend", or colloquially "a lot of sex."

Yinling of Joy Toy on Hard Gay TV programSumitani shares hosting duties with Yinling of Joytoy. (No, he is not actually gay. Yes, he has performed stereotypical depictions of gay men. No, she is not Japanese – she is from Taiwan. Yes, she has idol videos and photo books for sale.)

The hour-long "A Lot of Sex" show is broadcast at various times in early Saturday or Sunday mornings on several channels in Japan.

One segment of the program features a different adult video actress actress each week. She sits on a bed in a love hotel that is a sponsor of the program. The talent is interviewed about sex and her skills. Video clips of her scenes are shown – inappropriate parts are obscured.

Lets Japan likes Konya mo Hasuru because it might signal the return of partially naked women on terrestrial broadcast stations. We yearn for the days of programs such as Gil Gamesh Night, and Tonight 2 which featured the former porn actress and author the late Ai iijima.
Konya Mo Hustle Japanese AV idol demonstratesKonya Mo Hustle Hard Gay Tv show Japanese AV model poses for photographerKonya Mo Hustle Japanese AV actress strips inlove hotel


Bikini girls host Konya Mo haseru with Hard Gay Bikini girl hosts of Konya Mo Hustle photos from blog Scantily clad girls host Konya Mo haseru Hustle with Hard Gay on Japanese TV

timetable: Saturday 1:00 a.m. Chiba TV; Saturday 2:00 a.m. TV Saitama); Sunday 3:05 a.m. TVK Ch. 42 (Tokyo-Yokohama); Sunday 1:25 a.m. KBS (Kyoto); Sunday 2:25 a.m. TVN (Nara).

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Gilgamesh Night program

Gilgamesh Night no panty maid costume musical chairs game.
Tonight 2 program

Economy Cancels JAL Cabin Crew Calendar

January 2009 Japan Airlines desk calendar.January 2009 JAL Japan Airlines wall calendar.  2009 JAL Japan Air lines wall calendar.


After 20 years, Japan Airlines has stopped publication of it’s calendars that feature pictures of cabin attendants. The wall and desktops calendars were first offered in 1989 and have been sold in bookstores, on the internet, and in JAL catalogs. Demand peaked in 1993, with about 100,000 copies printed. For 2009, JAL printed 50,000 of the flight attendant photo calendars. JAL cancelled future editions due to the low demand. The status of JAL’s "World of Beauty", "Fleet" and other calendars is unclear. The cabin crew calendar costs JYP 1500.
Japan Airlines 2009 calendar months.NHK public TV in Japan 2009 newscaster calendar NHK public TV in Japan 2009 newscaster calendar


NHK public TV in Japan 2009 newscaster calendar Sae Nakarai weather girl.. For calendar collectors who cannot obtain the final JAL flight attendant calendar, public TV channel NHK sells a 2009 calendar featuring NHK-TV female news anchors, for JPY 1600. Our favorite NHK weathercaster Sae Nakarai appears in the NHK calendar.
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Weekly Playboy Obama Issue

The latest edition of Japan’s Weeky Playboy magazine has an article about US President Barack Obama. The current issue is being advertised on trains, and a picture of Obama is in the ad, along with pictures of the women that are featured inside the men’s magazine.

The article about US President Obama says Japan will experience change too. The article description states the three top issues of Japan-US relations: (1) US policy toward North Korea and China and US Secretary of State nominee Hillary Clinton’s persistent criticisms of Japan; (2) The US financial bailout to the Big 3 automakers and the possibilty of "Obama bonds" – US Treasuries being issued in yen. (The story headline in the magazine: "Give Me Japan Money!") (3) The role of Japan’s Self Defense forces in Afghanistan and in the war on terror.
Weekly Playboy in Japan Obama issueSunday Mainichi magazine Obama Japan


News Week Japan January 2009 Obama innaugurationInside Weekly Playboy - 100 yen cold convenience store foods.Other articles in the Weekly Playboy January issue: The 2009 AV Top 50 Guide; Hanaki (wearing) taboo bikini; cloned wagyu beef; and 100-yen cold food convenience store report.

Lets Japan believes that although Weekly Playboy contains images of naked women, Japanese men buy the magazine for the articles.