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Train gropers flagged with smartphone sticker stamper

Police department in Japan issues anti-molester sticker that stamps perpetrator on hand


 Railway police in a Tokyo suburb are handing out free stickers that use red ink to identify molesters caught on trains.

The "Molester Deterence Seal" (in Japanese "Chikan Seal") is a 2-ply peel-off sticker intended to be put on smartphones. The 1.5 centimeter diameter sticker is applied to the back of a smartphone. The outer image layer warns perverts "Don’t Touch Me." Police suggest that the warning be flashed first at molesters. If the molester continues, the victim can flip the phone over, peel off the top layer of the sticker with a fingernail to reveal a red-inked "X", and stamp the pervert’s hand, leaving an indelible red X on the top of the hand of the suspected perp.

According to police, many girls and women who have been touched inappropriately on trains refrain from shouting or otherwise identifying the culprit.


Chikan Seal train molester red ink marks hand in Japan

The free anti-molester mobile phone sticker-stampers can be obtained upon request at Saitama Prefecture police offices in train stations. Distribution began in January. Saitama Prefecture police also distribute the sticker and other anti-molester educational materials in junior high schools.

Police say the red X on a suspect’s hand, along with security camera footage and witnesses can help identify molesters.


Unofficial Chikan Seal train groper sticker for sale Police departments use cute in Japan crackdown on train gropers

Similar "unofficial" chikan-stop-groper stickers are also being sold online. One 3-piece "Molester Repel Seal "sticker pack" has the words "Don’t touch me" in English and Japanese printed around a manga-style female face. Another unofficial anti-pervert sticker set features a cute cat and a "no symbol" over a molester’s hand.


photos: osaka police; Aichi police; Hyogo police; Miyagi police; Kanagawa police; Chiba police; Tokyo police; Tokyo police; Tokyo police; Tokushima police; Fukuoka police


3D breasts popping up on gadget accessories; Big thumb swipe - personal parts popular in Japan


Handy tablet thumb stylus, pointy stick-on teeth and other gadgets and products that look like body parts help Japanese have a convenient and happy daily life.


mouse pad with 3D breasts thumb size finger stylus extender for tablets and smartphones

All thumbs not the same

A thumb-shaped slip-on stylus extender that provides more thumb and makes it easier for small hands to navigate the new big-screen smartphones and other devices is just the latest body part-inspired product made in Japan.

The prosthetic Yubi Nobiru thumb stylus is made by novelty goods maker Sanko and sells for JPY 1480. The finger debuted in May this year but has attracted attention now due to the debut of Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus which has a 5.5-inch screen.


Smartphone case breasts soft and squeezable

Silicone breasts on iPhone soft case in Japan Touch squeeze soft silicone breast on iPhone case in JapanSilicone ass and breast matching smart phone case from Japan

A phone case for the iPhone 5s which features a female manga image and her embossed breasts lets fans have a squeeze when they use their phones. One line of cases features a manga "maid", a "sister", a "childhood friend", and an "older next door neighbor." Other cases feature anime characters. The iPhone 5s bust case costs between JPY 1200 ~ JPY 3200.

Mousepad has bulging bosom hand wrest

AKB48 girl group in Japan unauthorized mouse pad with 3D breasts and group member likeness AKB 48 girl idols performers in Japan mousepad 3D breasts and group photoAnime manga idol panties and thighs mouse pad from Japan Manga girls crotch is 3D embossed mouse pad in Japan

Computer mousepads with 3D wrist wrests shaped like breasts, buttocks, and the inner thighs or the crotches of hentai characters are also available in Japan. Many of the weighty busts are attached to mousepad photos of popular gravure idols or anime and manga characters. A mousepad with boobs and pictures of some members of the popular girl group AKB48 sells for JPY 2400.

Crooked tooth from dentist or DIY kit in JapanGirls teeth in Japan look like vampire fangs

Vampire teeth desirable

Imperfect teeth are common in Japan and the so-called "Yaeba Look" (snaggletooth) on women is considered to be attractive and cute by some people. Women in Japan who have perfect teeth can have a dental procedure to obtain the pointy yaeba tooth appearance. A less expensive method of getting cute teeth is to buy a DIY kit that contains mold powder and a pair of "vampire teeth." The user makes a mold of the real tooth, then sets the fake tooth into the mold, trims the dry assembly, and slips the fake tooth over the real tooth in the mouth. The Magical Tooth yaeba-make kit costs about JPY 2500.


Rest head in lady’s lap

Pillow for men looks like mini skirt woman kneeling Men lay head in crotch of ladies lap cushion pillow in Japan

The Hizamakura Lap Pillow is a foam pillow that looks like the legs of a kneeling woman. The pillow’s waist and hips is attired in a miniskirt. The pillow is made by Trane Corp. and debuted in the early 2000s. The legs of the original Hizamakura had a smooth skin-like texture. The foam legs of the new version are covered in a softer material, and the pillow is available in small and large size laps. The miniskirt model costs about JPY 9000. Trane also sells a leggy lap pillow wearing a "sexy china dress" slit skirt for JPY 12800.


Internal components

Japanese artist Megumi Igarishi offers 3D printer plans of her vagina

Japanese artist Megumi Igarishi has posted data that can be used with a 3D printer to create a likeness of her genitals. The artist specializes in "vagina art" and is seeking support for her "mold pussy" full-size boat project.

Silicone breasts on full size body

It seems an entire polyurethane and plastic female body could be assembled from consumer goods sold at retail outlets in Japan.

But if a DIY female is too troublesome, a ready made sex toy "Dutch Wife" may be satisfactory. Oriental Industry makes realistic, life-size female dolls from high-quality silicone, which feature lifelike skin and realistic eyes, and options for breast-size, facial expression, hand pose, hair styles and "under hair" preferences. Fully loaded, the dolls can cost up to JPY 600,000. (sex doll photos)

Thumb video sanko
iPhone 5s case
Idol mousepad photo shoot
One Piece 3D bust mousepad unboxing  
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Dutch Wife Orient doll; Arte Tokio

Handbag strap breast slash bosom books big seller

handbag strap breast slash Japan handbag strap across breasts in Japan handbag strap tits slash Japan fetish The shape of women’s breasts when their handbag strap is draped across their cleavage has become known as the "breast slash" (in Japanese "pai sura" or "pai slash.") Some women say the look resembles an alligator.


Photo collections of "oppai sura street women" have been published, there are blogs dedicated to the breast-handbag-strap-look, and porn DVDs that celebrate the breast swelling are on the market.


handbag strap breast slash Japan bag strap across tits is pai slash Japan handbag strap pai sura breast slash fashion Japan


The bosom-slash photo collection books are being put on the market one after another. A book of busty models featuring bag-strap-suppressed-boobs titled "Oppai Women" sold out in three months.


handbag strap swells breasts new fetish in Japan purse strap across breasts called oppai sura slash Japanese handbag tits cleavage across breast slashes Japanese women handbag strap breast slash Japan Fetish handbag strap on boobs slash Japanese photos Naver;  VV-magazine; Blog 1; Blog 2; Blog 3; Blog 4; Blog 5


photo collection book of handbag strap breast slash Japan handbag strap breast oppai slash porn dvd  Japan handbag strap across tits porn video Japanese

Train groper impersonates victim on pervert exchange BBS

Man masquerading as target woman asks to be fondled

In April a man fondled a 23-year-old woman on the JR Wakayama Line in Osaka prefecture. The victim protested and when the train stopped the woman grabbed the guy and turned him into the station police. The 49-year-old suspect claimed that the woman had posted a fondling invitation on a "Pervert Exhange" BBS online and that he was only taking advantage of her request. He was released from custody.

The police continued to investigate and on July 9 re-arrested the suspect on suspicion of violating the prefectural prohibition of obscene acts law. The police say the suspect posed as the victim online and invited men to fondle her. Additional charges are pending.

"Pervert Exchange" (AKA:"Chikan Play") sites are free, legal internet bulletin boards where people who want to be fondled can meet fondlers. The sites openly assist mutual-consent fondling. If a participant later claimed he or she was the subject of a criminal fondling act, legal experts say it would be difficult to prosecute the case.

According to the police, the suspect in the April incident had stalked the victim, noted her commuting routine, and then, posing as the woman, posted the details on a chikan play website. Masquerading as the woman, and using a false name, the man described "herself" and her attire and stated that she usually doesn’t like to be groped on the train but on April 30 she would be in the mood for being touched. She included her location on the train and asked men to fondle her. On the train, the man found the woman and fondled her.

Real-time fondling GPS

Police say the man had also previously posted "real time" fondling location data. In this method, instead of learning the female target’s train travelling times in advance, the suspect had spotted his target victim in a train car and immediately gone online posing as the target and saying "she" was available for fondling. She indicated the train line, her attire and her location on the train.

Men who use the chikan play websites and who desire to fondle women on trains can check the website while commuting by train in the hopes of finding a woman’s groping invitation on the same train.


CGI reenactment:

Translation of Japanese message suspect posted on fondler’s website: "I want to be touched. I take the JR Wakayama Line and I get on the train at Kokawa station at 7:10 AM. The train has 4 carriages and I always get in the second carriage or the last carriage. My face has a normal expression. I’m a little chubby. I put my makeup on in the train so you can spot me. I have large breasts and sensitive nipples. I want you to touch me softly. If there is time, I want you to touch me directly and lick me. Somebody please fondle me." (signed) Yu-san…Yui


Train Gropers Grabbed in Week-Long Cop Crusade

High school girls hand out anti-groper information at a train station in JapanSeventy-seven gropers (chikan) were arrested on Tokyo commuter trains during a crackdown by the Japan National Police Agency. During the April 15 - 21 effort, 120 officers from the NPA and the Saitama, Chiba and Kanagawa prefectural police rode train routes known to attract molesters.

Six people were caught on the Keio Line and JR Chuo Line, the highest number of all the train lines. The JR Saikyo Line, notable for frequent reports of groping, installed security cameras on some trains last year. Five people were caught on the Saikyo Line during the April crackdown. All of the perpetrators were caught in cars without security cameras.


Security cameras installed on commuter some trains in Tokyo Police hope to stop groping on commuter trains in Japan


Twenty-six of the 77 victims were high school students and fourteen people were university students. Forty of the victims were between 15 and 19 years of age. Forty-two of the arrests occurred between 7 a.m and 9 a.m.

JR poster zero tolerance for gropersFifty-eight of those arrested were charged under the "public nuisances" law. Four of the perps were charged with using a hidden camera to take secret photos in the train. Three were arrested on charges of forced obscene acts in the train car, and one man was charged with indecent exposure in the car.

Eleven people were charged with taking indecent photos of passers-by on escalators and on the stairs on station premises.

Twenty-nine of the 77 had previously been caught molesting train passengers. In one incident, while an officer obtained a description of a suspect from one victim, the officer saw the suspect in the first crime grope another victim in the same car. The suspect was arrested.

The NPA will post police officers on trains to crack down on gropers who target particular victims or stalk women after they get off the train. "If you get groped on a train, please tell the nearest police officer," an NPA spokesman said.


High school judo team girl catches groper on train in JapanIn one groping arrest in February, a 16-year-old girl who was fondled on the JR Takasaki Line grabbed the suspect’s hand, hauled him off the train at the next station, and handed him over to police. The girl is a member of her high school judo team. The 21-year-old perpetrator was charged with public nuisance.


Train Molester Man PC computer game for Window Japanese


Chikan Densha Otoko 2 Molester Trainman game (Windows PC)

Top Japan Monthly Laughs of 2008

Woman secretlylives in man's closet in JapanJanuary
A letter a Kawasaki schoolgirl sent aloft by balloon in 1993 was found fastened to a fish by a fisherman off Choshi port,150 kilometers away from where the balloon was launched.

A 39-year-old man wearing a high school girl’s uniform and a long wig loitered near a Saitama high school and was arrested for trespassing and avoiding police by trying to blend into a group of teenagers on school grounds.

Cartoon robo-cat Doraemon named Japan’s "anime ambassador".

A city council employee in Kinokawa, Japan makes 780,000 hits on porn websites in nine months, on his office computer.

Homeless woman lived in man’s closet for year. Disappearing food leads to discovery in home of man who thought he lived alone.

Investigation finds "pub cabs" popular as hundreds of government bureaucrats routinely receive free beer, snacks and sometimes cash from taxi drivers competing for late-night business from public servants.

Dummy clown mascot "Kuidaore Taro" makes final appearance as 59-year-old Osaka restaurant goes out of business.

Wild macaque monkey causes chaos during morning rush hour at Tokyo’s Shibuya station.



(1) The Japan Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare plans to set up counters in all prefectures and large cities to offer counseling to "hikikomori" – people who suffer from a kind of agoraphobia and who further isolate themselves from society.

Hikinomori agoraphobia counseling counter in Japan (2) Fifteen officers all fail to realize "corpse" wrapped in plastic found in forest was actually a life-sized sex doll.

(3) Two employees of Japanese confectionery company open can of red-bean paste, notice paste has strange odor, decide to eat some to check the quality, then suffer numbness in limbs, and are rushed to hospital.

(1) British tourist swims naked in the moat of Imperial Palace then leads cops on foot chase around palace grounds.

(2) A camera-police-hotline-alarm-equipped Coca-Cola vending machine is installed in a park in Toyohashi, Japan, and is vandalized three days later.
British tourist swims nude in Japan Imperial Palace moat. Security Coca Cola Coke vending machine has camera, alarm, light in Japan


Man releases hundreds of beetle larvae inside moving express train "to see women get scared and shake their legs.”
Artist's conception of beetle larvae on a train in Japan.December
Japan police cancel plan to fine drivers aged 75 or older who fail to display a maple-leaf-shaped sticker that indicates to other drivers that they are elderly. Some elderly have said the sticker resembles a dead leaf, and police will also consider redesign of the sticker.

Female Train Staff Get Self Defense Spray

Pepper spray issued to train employees in JapanAttendant in bullet train green first class car in Japan


Female attendants on JR Tokai line trains are being issued personal protection cayenne pepper spray devices. The spray mixture causes temporary incapacitation. Female employees who sell food or work as conductors on the Tokaido Shinkansen bullet trains and other Tokai trains are being given the devices. Interior of bullet train in JapanThe first JR Tokai female conductors were hired in 1999 and female employees on the trains have since been required to carry personal buzzer alarms. In March and April 2008, two female "green attendants" were assaulted in the Green Car first-class section of late night and early morning Shinkansen trains. JR Tokai has distributed four hundred pepper spray canisters to Shinkansen female staff. The railway company will give the palm-size spray device to a total of 1300 female employees. The Mace-brand Triple Action Pocket product is offered by Mace Security International, Inc. and retails in the US for about USD 15.00, and in Japan for about JPY 2500. It’s designed for use by women. The ingredients contain UV dye that will invisibly mark an assailant. The unit sprays 6-12 feet and contains 5, one- second bursts.


Green car carriage of a Shinkansen in Japan


photos: green car; 3 cannisters. video:TBS News

News Uses Digital Fondling Effects in Groping Report

CGI digital animation in TBS Tokyo news report on groping case.A man who challenged a 1999 groping accusation by a female commuter won his court case against the accuser Nov. 7, 2008. The Japan Supreme Court revoked the charge of "public nuisance" against the man. In September 1999, a woman accused the man of rubbing his groin on her thigh as they stood on the Chuo line railway train in Tokyo. The man was arrested and charged with a crime but denied the accusation. He filed civil lawsuits against the woman. The Nov. 7 TBS Tokyo Evening 5 news program reported on the case. At two points in the TBS video story, computer-generated imagery characters on a train illustrate the woman’s description of being rubbed against from the side. The video depicts a circular and simultaneous up-down motion. The complete CGI scene is at 1:17 in the video.

Man found inncoent of moleting on Tokyo train after 9 year court case.Chuo line train in Tokyo,Japan


chuo line photo


Let’s Bible Double Issue

One man. One beautiful woman. One Vulcan, a demon and a peon.

Square Enix Let’s Bible 02

This is a two-part story by the creators of Shin Angyo Onshi: Youn In-Wan and Yang Kyung-Il. Vulcan Markovic lives in a small fishing village in Croatia. He has only two things on his mind–designer goods and losing his virginity. When an indescribably beautiful girl shows up asking for directions to Heaven’s Gate, Vulcan takes his first step into "thrilling world-salvation action!!" Synopsis from MyAnimeList: lets-bible-scene-1a.jpgSquare Enix Let’s Bible Scene 02

Let’s Bible forum discussion: Two chapters can be downloaded here Let’s Bible-part1[ETC].zip and here Let’s Bible-part2[ETC].zip. Download links via:

Olympic Swimsuits Still See-Through

Experiment Confirms Transparent Swimsuit Concern

Speedo lzr swimsuit Swimsuits that can be "Photoshopped" see-through may distract Japanese Olympic swimmers at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. The Shukan Post quotes a spokesperson for the Japan Swimming Federation. The spokesperson says that following the Athens Olympic Games in 2004, official swimsuit manufacturers were asked by the JSF to "ensure their products would not become see-through when filmed in infra-red." Asics, Descente, and Mizuno are the official suppliers to Japan’s swim team. Speedo’s high tech LZR bodysuit, which the team may be allowed to wear, is also susceptible to digital manipulation. See-through Olympic swimsuits created with Photoshop. Photoshop used to create see-through Olympic swimsuits.Descente developer Toshiharu Tsubouchi told The Shukan Post the Descente swimsuit utilizes polyurethane for adhesiveness, and adds "depending on the way light shines on it, the color can brown a bit. That may make it look a little bit transparent." He points out a tight fit is essential for athletes, thus some body parts will bulge out more than others. Shukan Post Via Daily Mainichi: Faustian swimsuit gives Japanese swimmers the edge while revealing the points more: Japanese denied ‘high-tech doping’ Speedos Japanese swimmers could do U-turn on bodysuits