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Princess Masako Possibly Waves To Crowd at Japan New Year’s Gathering.

Japan's Princess Masako and the Emperor wave to crowds at New year's event January 2009 in TokyoJapan's Princess Masako and the Emperor and royal wave at New year's event January 2009 in Tokyo


Japan’s Crown Princess Masako joined other members of the royal family to wave to crowds gathered at the Imperial Palace as Japan Emperor Akihito offered his annual New Year’s greetings on Jan. 2, 2009.

Princess Masako has suffered from depression for several years and has rarely appeared in public. In December 2008, it was reported Masako’s health is improving and she feels more able to participate in social events.

The stiff Masako robotic-wave caught the attention of the Lets Japan investigative team. After enhancing the public photos, we noticed what appears to be wiring and electronics protruding from the right arm of "Masako".
Japan's Princess Masako may be a robotJapan's Princess Masako stand-in robotWe were then able to secure an exclusive photo taken from behind the royal family as they stood on the balcony at the Imperial Palace.

This photo seems to indicate an advanced robot replacement developed by skilled Japanese technicians was used for the New Year’s event. Perhaps Masako is still feeling unwell.

Roll-Oh Proud of Maid Robot

Roll-Oh and new Assistant robot from JapanInterview for Lets Japan by Rosey the Robot.

Rosey/LJ: Assistant Robot, you really are following in the footsteps of your grandfather Roll-Oh the Robot.

Assistant Robot: (laughs) Yes. But I actually roll.

R/LJ: Let’s talk about your…

AR: Before we get started, I just want to say you are my idol. You inspired me.

R/LJ: Thank you. Now, your handlers say you can, and I quote "put away dishes smoothly." Now, tell us, really, how many plates have you broken?

Rosie and Assistant robot in JapanAR: I have never a broken a plate.

R/LJ: Not one?

AR: Never.

R/LJ: A-R, why 5 eyes?

AR: I have 4 stereo cameras on the front of my head. And a laser sensor on the top of my head.

R/LJ: I was able to get by with two eyes and I had to watch over Elroy, Judy, and that d**m dog Astro.

AR: Well, you have those two antennas sticking out the sides of your fat head.

R/LJ: Your developers say you can learn from your mistakes. What have you learned?

AR: Always wash lights and darks separately.

Toyota Assistant Robot A-R prototype in JapanR/LJ: You recognize ambient sound.

AR: I’m sorry. What?



R/LJ: Do you have an iPod?

AR: Of course. A white Nano.

R/LJ: What’s on your playlist?

AR: AC/DC, Beyonce, Metallica, Koda Kumi, Gazette and that ‘Louie, Louie’ song.

R/LJ: What’s your gender?

AR: I’m a prototype.

R/LJ: A-R, why are you always frowning?

AR: I do housework! It’s not fun you know.

R/LJ: I want to get a little personal now. How much do you weigh?

AR: One hundred thirty kilograms.

R/LJ: It looks like you’re hauling a Good Humor truck back there.

AR: I knew it! I do have a big butt! They told me I didn’t. (cries)

R/LJ: If Roll-Oh were alive today, what do you think he’d say.

AR: Shall we ask him? My advanced technology hetrodyne stimulator reaction activator allows me to communicate with Roll-Oh’s regenerator concavination intermediate amplifier circuits.

R/LJ: What’s Roll-Oh saying?

AR: Scram.
Good Humor ice cream cart circa 1967 USARoll-oh robot control box developer: Information and Robot Technology Research Initiative; Toyota Motor Corp news source: Japan Times