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Photo for Funeral Before You’re Gone

Have an eternalphoto prepared before you die in JapanFuneral-services providers are offering photography services so you’ll have a decent photo to display at your funeral ceremony. Photography studios are also targeting the new funeral-photo market.

A headshot of the deceased is usually on display at the start of funeral ceremonies in Japan. A different photo of the deceased – often a wedding photo – is displayed when the bereaved express condolences.


Kinoshita Inc operates 16 funeral parlors in Fukuoka and Saga prefectures. "Photos are shown at funerals to recall the deceased. If a variety of photos are displayed, participants in the funerals can recognize their personal characters more deeply," Masaru Ishikawa, 56, an executive of the company, told the Asahi Shimbun.


Photograph for Japan funeral before you get a disease
Translation: You have a higher risk of contracting disease as you reach old age. Or contracting a severe illness. You will lose teeth and your face will change. We welcome you to take a vibrant photo at age sixty, in your favorite style. For example, people who like golf can wear golf clothes. Kimono-lovers can wear kimono. And people who like to cook could wear one of their favorite aprons.

Funeral service homes in Japan offer portrait photo to elderly This photo studio advises taking a picture every 5 years until age forty, and then every 2-3 years after forty, in order to have an up-to-date photo if you die.


Terukazu Mori, 46, representative director of Kumamoto Resident Funerals, said, "If you prepare the photo (in advance), you can enjoy your remaining life without worry. Taking the photo is one of the things you should do for that purpose."


Photographers offer funeral photos for Japanese funeral. Take a picture before you die in Japan for your ceremony.
These suggest you have a picture taken so survivors don’t have to search for a good picture after you’re dead.

Posing for funeral photo in Japan.Photographer offers custom painted portrait photo for Japanese funeral.
Photographer makes composite photo of couple for funeral
photos: Eternal photoblue kimono; Ikeda Shashinkan; couple; gray suit.

McDonald’s Celebrates 3th and Counting

Mcdonald's Japan 3th anniversary coupon


McDonald’s discount coupons from outlet in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo. This seems to be the standard coupon issued for McDonald’s outlets celebrating their third year of doing business.

Mcdonald's Japan 3rd anniversary coupon Mcdonald's Japan third anniversary poster misspelled

More 3th in Japan: dancers; fish; dog; the dentisthair; kitchening. And from Korea.

Counting ordinal numbers in Japan

Apple iPod 4rd generation One Outs

Theater TV 2rd 3nd schedule Japan logitech specs ipod record 3nd generation

Tsutaya video Major America 4rd 4th inningOther unique ordinal numbers available in Japan:
Sports & Life-Style
Pro wrestling
Delivery health
Tee shirt
University map

Tokyo Stock Exchange
Tohoku University
Bicycle racers
University map




Help: Ordinal symbolsOrdinal list
photos: English monthiy; Theater TV; Ipod recorder; One outs; Risa Niigaki;  Golf; Apple Japan 4rd; Tsutaya

Fast Food Burger Chains Bring Beef Home

Freshness Burger delivery Tokyo


Fast food hamburger chain Freshness Burger becomes the second big burger business to expand its delivery service.

Freshness Burger started delivering from one outlet in Saitama, Japan  in 2007.

Currently 54 Freshness Burger outlets in Japan deliver. There is a two-burger minimum order and delivery costs JPY 300. Orders can be placed via website or by calling a participating outlet.

MOS Burger began delivery service in 2006 and now 300 MOS outlets in Japan deliver. There is no minimum order and delivery costs JPY 200.

Tokyo burger time: Lotteria vs. MOS vs. Freshness vs. First Kitchen

The Big Six:

photos: (L) Freshness Burger delivery from outlet in Shibuya, Tokyo. (Center) Freshness menu. (Right) MOS rice burger.

Princesses and Anxiety at Home and School

Crown Princess Aiko Japanese Princess Aiko, 8, attended elementary school again March 8, the first time since she stopped going to school March 2 after complaining of being bullied by some boys at school. Princess Aiko is in the second grade at Gakushuin Primary School in Tokyo. Princess Aiko is the only child of Crown Prince Naruhito and Crown Princess Masako.

Princess Aiko has complained of an upset stomach and has showed deep anxiety since March 2.

The Imperial Household Agency said that Princess Aiko and several other students had been "treated harshly" by boys in another class. A school official said the incident may have been a misunderstanding.

Crown Princess Aiko attends Gakushuin Primary School Crown Princess Aiko with parents

 "She had decided to leave school, and just as she had returned from changing into her normal shoes from her school shoes, I hear it was two boys that approached very suddenly and nearly collided with her, which scared her," school director Motomasa Higashisono told reporters.

Crown Princess Masako accompanied Princess Aiko to the school to attend the fourth period of morning classes. They then left the school together.

Japan's Princess Masako, January 2010

The outing was a rare public appearance for Crown Princess Masako, 46, who was diagnosed with an adjustment disorder in July 2004. Her condition is attributed to the difficulties of adjusting to palace life and the pressure to bear a son. Crown Princess Masako hasn’t attended most official duties for several years.

Doctors monitoring the health of Crown Princess Masako said March 5 her condition has vastly improved but she needs more time to reach a level that will allow her to expand the scope of her official duties.

Princess Masako "has gotten better and is now in a state incomparable to" five and a half years ago when she started to receive treatment, the doctors said in a statement issued through the IHA.

"However, considering her long battle with the illness and the stress she has been under, it will take more time for her to expand the scope of her activities," the statement said, noting that she "has made surprisingly great efforts" to overcome the illness.

Japan's Princess Masako and husband Crown Prince Naruhito, January 2010

In the statement, the doctors noted that the support of people close to her, especially members of her family, has played a key role in helping her to recover. "Watching Princess Aiko growing up and her increasing exchanges with her friends is a joy as well as a remedy for the crown princess," it said.

The doctors mentioned the crown princess’ presence last year at events commemorating the 20th anniversary of Emperor Akihito’s ascension to the throne as well as at a ceremony last month to mark the 15th anniversary of the Great Hanshin Earthquake.

The visit to Kobe for the quake memorial ceremony was her first official trip outside Tokyo involving an overnight stay since January 2008.

The statement warned, however, that high expectations for more public appearances could hamper her recovery.

"Although expectations for her to perform more official duties are expected to grow as her recovery progresses, it is necessary to consider the workload that she would shoulder so that it would not impose a heavy burden," the doctors said.

Japan's Princess Masako, Crown Prince Naruhito, Aiko, and pet dog, official photo

Some medical experts outside of the imperial family are skeptical about the prospects for a full recovery being achieved quickly.

"Although the cause of her stress is not clearly shown in the report, I assume there may be a gap between the feelings of Crown Princess Masako, who is longing to live the way she wants to, and the Imperial Household Agency, which tends to put things in a mold," said Masaaki Noda, a professor at Kwansei Gakuin University. "It looks like her illness could last longer judging from the doctors’ opinions," he said.

(Above compiled from news reports)

Princess Masako’s condition could have an influence on her daughter. 

The reports about Princess Aiko’s experience at school seem to indicate nothing more than normal, temporary fears.

However, studies suggest that children or adolescents are more likely to have an anxiety disorder if they have a parent with anxiety disorder.
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